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How Long Does SEO Take and Why?

submitted on 17 January 2021 by
We have all been there: typing randomly and then scrolling through the web to figure out what things you will have to do to ensure that the countless hours you spent on writing content do not go in vain. No one wants to write content that nobody will read. SEO is that only pillar that stands and shows you the way in this mystifying labyrinth of the internet where one can find anything within the palms of their hands. 

Here is a simple guide on how long it takes for SEO and why:

How long does SEO take?
First of all, the question "how long doe SEO take" is pretty vague. SEO is not a single technique. It is a combination of countless techniques that help optimize content for Google. Because of how many factors and variables affect SEO, there is no fixed timer on how long it can take for SEO. Everyone has to figure out on their own how long SEO will take for them to optimize enough. You can never optimize an article for SEO enough: it is a never-ending cycle. 

What factors does SEO depend on?
To help you understand how long it does take for SEO, here are a few of the countless factors that you might need to know about:
  • Page speed & accessibility - How fast and accessible the speed is: its loading time and ability to show content to the user.
  • User friendliness - Google ranks websites on its platform through the mobile view. 
  • Technical SEO - Using technical knowledge such as HTML, Meta Tags, Alt Tags and so on are extremely important. 
  • Backlinks - The more backlinks your website has, the better will be your reputation on Google. 
  • User experience - The user experience matters a lot, because if you cannot attract a user, you will never rank. 
  • User retention - Google regularly updates its search engine. If your article ranks first for a few days but still doesn't get many users, Google will automatically drop the article's rating. 
And so on. These are only the tip of the iceberg.

What is the rough estimate for preparing SEO?
As a general rule of the thumb, it can take anywhere between a few seconds of your time to several hours or even days to prepare SEO. If your reputation is good enough, you only need to do basic SEO for your article to rank on the first page of Google: The Guardian, IGN and the big names that you have heard of are like that. 

If you have to make a constant name for yourself, a reputation, it will take a lot of effort and you will have to optimize a lot of things for SEO before you will rank anywhere close to the second page of Google. 

Why does it take so long?
SEO takes so long to do because you are essentially competing with thousands of other websites for a single search result. If you google "How does life work?" you will get 10 billion+ search results. Ranking on top within those search results is not easy. 

We hope that this article has helped you understand everything about SEO times. You should remain persistent about your effort and perhaps search engines will award you with enough reputation that you won't have to deal with gruesome SEO anymore. 
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